Buying Wholesale Towels

Buying Wholesale Towels

When looking for towels you'll realise there are a vast array to choose from.
If you are a business it's not simply about choosing a colour, there are other
factors you need to take in to account when making your decision.

If you are buying towels for a rugby or football team, and therefore they are
likely to get thrown on a changing room floor and covered in mud, then
buying the most expensive towels on the market is not a good idea. If
however you are a hotel and your brand image is about quality and luxury
then you are going to have to buy luxury towels.

Towel GSM

Towels come in different weights of cotton called GSM which stands for Grams per Square Metre. This is the measure of how much cotton the towel contains. Generally the higher the GSM the more cotton has been used in the manufacturing process so the heavier the towel. If a towel is heavier than it looks this is an indicator of its quality.

Towel Weight

Which weight of towel is best? The answer to this comes down to usage. If you are a hotel, care home or institution, towels will be used and changed frequently so they will need to be absorbent, quick drying, easily washable and easy to replace if they get damaged. Hotels tend to use 450 GSM white cotton towels because they tick all the boxes and, with prices starting from as little as £0.95 for a hand towel and £3.25 for a bath sheet, they are a very practical and affordable choice.

Washing and Drying Towels

Another factor to consider is washing and drying – both during use and after washing. Ring spun towels have been manufactured using thread that was spun before it was woven, resulting in a softer and more durable fabric. When you consider that most children's school uniforms are made from ring spun fabrics you get an idea of what great qualities these towels have. From a business point of view ring spun 500 GSM towels will cost about £1.20 for a hand towel and £3.75 for a bath sheet so they won't break the bank. Take in to account the fact that the quick drying properties of these towels mean you'll spend less on tumble drying and they become an affordable luxury

Quality Towels

The better the quality of towel the better it will wash and the longer it will stay soft for so look for combed cotton towels. Before weaving, combed cotton is 'carded' which is a process that separates the fibres, removes dirt and shorter fibres and leaves the longer fibres aligned. The result is a fibre that is softer and stronger. Combed cotton towels will be 600 GSM or higher and will have a luxurious soft feel.

Whether you choose white or coloured towels is a personal decision but good quality pure
cotton coloured towels will keep their colour and last a long time.

Towels go up to 750 GSM for boutique hotel luxury but for everyday use any towel of 200
GSM considered adequate and 400GSM and above is very good quality.