How to Change Bedding with Someone Still in the Bed

how to change bedding with someone Still in the Bed

If you are caring for a patient or you are looking after an ill friend or relative in their
home it may not always be possible to remove them from the bed when the
bedding needs changing. However, with a little practice it is a very simple process
that can be completed with minimum inconvenience to the beds occupant.

Let's be honest, none of us would ever want to be bed bound so always remember
to treat your patient as you would want to be treated. Maintaining their modesty
and dignity is of paramount importance.

Step 1

Lie the patient flat by removing any excess pillows (you'll probably need to leave one for comfort)
and if the bed is adjustable, move it in to the flat position. If the patient is lucky enough to have a
bed with adjustable heigh, raise the bed so it is level with your elbows as this will reduce the
strain on your back.

Step 2

Loosen all the bedding so nothing is tucked in to the bed

Step 3

Take all the covers off the bed except for 1 top sheet or blanket which remains in place to
a) maintain the patients modesty
b) to keep the patient warm

Step 4

Secure your patient in the bed. Think of the bed as having 2 sides; near side and far side. We
are going to change the near side first so we need to secure the far side of the bed before we
move the patient. If the bed has handrails, use them. Otherwise, push the bed up against a wall
or line pillows down the far side of the bed to prevent the patient from rolling out

Step 5

Rolling the patient: Before you move the patient take care to remove anything which may
hinder you or be uncomfortable for the patient e.g. glasses. Be aware of where their limbs
are so they don't end up with their arms in an awkward or uncomfortable position.

Still with the blanket or sheet on top of the patient to keep them warm, put one hand on their
shoulder, one on the side of their hip and roll (not push) so they end up on their side facing
away from you. Check they are comfortable before you do anything else.

Step 6

Fold the bedding up and tuck it neatly against the patients back

Step 7

The near side of the bed should now be stripped to the mattress and ready for you to put the
clean bedding on

Step 8

Put the sheet on the bed and tuck it in around the edges and corners. Smooth the sheet out
to the centre of the bed and the excess half of the sheet should be neatly pushed against the
back of the patient. Put a clean pillow at the head of the bed

Step 9

Secure the nearside of the bed by raising the handrail, pushing the bed against he wall or
lining the side of the bed with pillows (exactly the same process as Step 4)

Step 10

Rolling the patient: exactly as in Step 5 we are going to roll the patient but to the nearside of the
bed. Move around to the far side and before you move the patient check they are comfortable
and that their limbs aren't going to end up being in an uncomfortable position when you move
them. Roll the patient on to their back (over the line of bed linen that was previously tucked into
their back) and on to their opposite side – they should now be laid on the clean sheet. Make sure
the patient is comfortable and still covered with the modestly blanket.

Step 11

Remove the dirty bed linens. You should now be able to completely remove the old bedding

Step 12

Secure Clean Bedding: Pull the sheet from the middle of the bed and tuck it in neatly under the
mattress making it secure and crease free.

Step 13

Move the patient in to a position that is comfortable for them.